From office chair to outside chair

I came early in the office and saw the janitor clearing things inside. Trashes and all broken stuffs were collected. On one corner I saw this chair where the leather skin was torn and ready to be disposed. I asked the janitor not to place the chair in the garbage collecting area and told him that I will bring it down myself.

As I went downstairs I was thinking where would I placed this stuff to look great. Then i went outside  and saw a vacant area where potted plants are placed. Then I remember that this area was used by my officemates during break time. Smoking cigarettes, chatting and just a place for relaxing. Then I placed the chair, sit on eat and lean my head facing up the sky. Great! I said, from now on ( talking to the chair) you will not be an office chair anymore but an outside chair (smiling). 20170130_091132.jpg



Similarities between Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea

Two of the most top rated korean dramas has ended this January. Goblin aired its last episode 21st of January 2017 while Legend of the Blue Sea ended January 23 2017.  Both  korean dramas are interesting and exciting. Both soars high in the ratings. It didn’t fail to impressed the viewers. The actors of each k-dramas  did a great job in portraying their characters. They have few similarities with in each stories.




Goblin :  Ji Eun Tak forgot all her momories for Kim Shin after he left when the  sword  was removed. Also for the people connected to him except for the Grim Reaper and Sunny

LOTBS :  Shim Cheong removed all the memories of her from her friends especially Heo Joon Jae and went back to the sea.

* both Ji Eun Tak and Hoo Joon Jae wrote in the notebook some of their memories though Ji Eun Tak didnt wrote everything.

Love (lines)

Goblin : “A sad love” Ji Eun Tak’s answer after he was asked by the Goblin to choose between sadness or love.

LOTBS : ” Not being able to love because you couldnt remember, it’s better to love even if it hurts”  Hoo Joon Jae asked Shim Cheong not to erase his memory.

*choosing a hurtful and sadness thing for love


Goblin: Ji Eun Tak sacrifice and accept death though it is not for Kim Shin but to save the school childrens’ lives.

LOTBS : Shim Cheong faced death by protecting Hoo Joon Jae from the gun shot by  Heo Chi-hyun because of his anger after his  mother was arrested.

Supporting Characters 

Goblin :  Yoo Deok Hwa a rebellious but kind-hearted chaebol heir. The almighty borrows his body to speak to Goblin and Grim Reaper.

LOTBS : Tae Oh a genius hacker and a con-man who works together with Nam Doo and Hoo Jon Jae.

*both plays a young men whose characters  are significant in both dramas.

Both ends happily. Shim Cheong went back  and got married to Hoo Jon Jae and live with him while Ji Eun Tak met Kim Shin on her next life in Canada. No more Goblin and Legends of the Blue Sea . Hope the other korean dramas will be as fascinating as the two.  Have you also noticed the similarities?






How will Legend of the Blue Sea ends?

A fantasy romantic comedy korean drama. The story is about a mermaid who fell in love with a human. This is not a typical mermaid-man love story better watch it now if you are still wondering what it is. The recent episode was a big twist. Who would have thought that Jo Nam-doo was a savior? The final episode will be aired next week January 25.  I know for sure that many are hoping for a happy ending. What do you think will be the ending? Let me know. Legend of the Blue Sea

Meeting Burj Khalifa

We cannot take our eyes as we met for the first time. The stunning mega tall skyscraper Burj Khalifa  is the tallest structure in the world. The amazing architecture did not fail every tourists to look intently and take photographs. It took us more than 30 minutes to get the exact angle to capture the entirety.img_0011

Fruits before going to bed

I had this problem since I was young, my metabolism is slow.  I need to drink a hot coffee every morning to get my waste (poop) out. Since then my body got used of the hot coffee. It was 3 days ago when my husband prepared lemon, orange and cucumber for me to eat before going to bed.  The next day  I was awaken by the urge of going to the toilet. The feeling is great having to poop every morning for 2 days. He also suggested to drink tea if I ate to much or feeling full. img_0009